I Need a New Title, One That Won’t Make Me Sick

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day. If you've got the day off consider doing some good deeds today.

I'm probably going to keep flogging the new ComixTALK page at Facebook this month – apologies in advance!  It's much easier to flip through the cover art and photos from SPX and Intervention over there.  There's also links to the video interviews I did last fall.

COPYFIGHT: Techdirt links to an interview Nina Paley who has become quite outspoken on copyright issues after her battle to get her animated movie Sita Sings The Blues released.

AWARDS: The Webcomic List website is holding the 2nd edition of an awards program.  The nominees are out – full list available here.  If I understand the format correctly – the winner in each category will be selected by a panel of judges which includes El Santo of the review blog Webcomic Overlook and John Allison, creator of Bad Machinery.

REVIEW: Boing Boing reviews the new Axe Cop book from Dark Horse.

INTERVIEW: Here's a link to the entire series of interviews Tom Spurgeon published on his site the last month or so.  Well worth clicking to see the list of names – you're sure to be interested in something (if not all!).


  • Have I mentioned Hipsters yet? It just started – no more than 20 comics up yet.  A really funny start – a party full of hipsters is attacked by real vampires.
  • Hollywood should probably steal the joke from this Let's Be Friends Again comic for the next Spiderman movie.

NOT WEBCOMICS: This is a funny home-made video in a series called 90 Second Newbery Film Festival – the challenge being to make a 90 second version of a Newbery award winning book.  (h/t Boingboing)  The Newbery Medal is the most prestigious award in children’s literature. The American Library Association has awarded it every year since 1922.


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