If You Criticize Critics The Terrorists Have Won

This post from “The girl formerly known as Amber” comments on the recent snarkfestival featuring players from W/E and C/P and headlined by Hard and the Gang. She doesn’t add much to the giant, overflowing discussion, other throwing in her two cents that webcomics are for fun, fun, fun until daddy takes her t-bird away.

She is also the author of Webcomic Battle Royale which sounds interesting but doesn’t seem to have started updating yet. Has it?

Also RK Millholland weighs in, again with this phrase of wisdom:

I wanna start a website, or a section on my own website, that reviews the people who review webcomics.

It is a free country afterall, isn’t it?

Btw, Technorati is a fun waste of time. (I have to stop using it to namecheck Comixpedia)


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