An Incomplete List of Webcomics in Print, Collated by Kelly J. Cooper

Many MANY of our webcomicking friends have published print versions of their work. I’ve tried to find, track down, and remember as many as possible. But given the thousands (tens of thousands?) of webcomics out there, this was a daunting task. If I missed your comic, I apologize profusely and profoundly. Please add it via a comment.

This list is in no particular order. It’s mainly pulled from a thread in the Comixpedia forums asking for published webcomic data. It’s also based on what I could find on my bookshelves, in the shops of various companies and collectives, and in other places. Lots of other places.


Comic: Paradigm Shift
Creator(s): Dirk I. Tiede
Publisher: (in conjunction with ModernTales)
Titles: Paradigm Shift – Part One: Equilibrium
Buy it!: at Amazon

Comic: Reckless Life
Creator(s): Tim Demeter
Publisher: Misfit-Media
Titles: Reckless Life: Dinner and a Robbery
Buy it!: here

Comic: The Asylumantics
Creator(s): Chris Cantrell
Publisher: Lulu Press
Titles: Mental Giants
Buy it!: here

Comic: Pewfell
Creator(s): Chuck Whelon (Artist & Writer), Adam Prosser (Co-writer)
Publisher: Wingnut Games/Porfingles Press
Titles: Pewfell Volume 3: Viva Las Vagus — The Battle of the Berserkers, Pewfell Volume 2: Tentacles of Crwm, Pewfell Volume 1: Spirekassle Stories
Buy it!: here

Comic: The Replacements
Creator(s): Jerzy Drozd and Sara Turner
Publisher: Make Like a Tree Comics
Titles: The Replacements – Part One (of 3)
Buy it!: here

Comic: Silver and the Periodic Forces
Creator(s): Jerzy Drozd and Sara Turner
Publisher: Make Like a Tree Comics
Titles: Silver and the Periodic Forces – Episode One (of an ongoing series)
Buy it!: here

Comic: File 49
Creator(s): Sara Turner
Publisher: Make Like a Tree Comics
Titles: File 49 – Chapter One (of 8)
Buy it!: here

Comic: G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures
Creator(s): Darryl Hughes – Writer/creator, Monique MacNaughton – Artist
Publisher: Lulu Press
Titles: G.A.A.K: Volume One
Buy it!: From Lulu or from Barnes & Noble

Comic: The Mousekaroos
Creator(s): Sarah Davis
Publisher: Lulu Press
Titles: The Mousekaroos – Book #1: First Impressions
Buy it!: here

Comic: Loxie & Zoot
Creator(s): Stephen Crowley
Publisher: Toons Au Naturel (self-published)
Titles: The Koala Bares (128 color pages)
Buy it!: here

Comic: Digger
Creator(s): Ursula Vernon
Publisher: Sofawolf Press
Titles: Digger — Vol. 1
Buy it!: coming soon; meanwhile check out It Made Sense at the Time: Selected Sketches by Ursula Vernon

Comic: Carpe Diem
Creator(s): Graveyard Greg (writer) and Redkam (artist) with additional art by various others
Publisher: FurNation Multimedia
Titles: Carpe Diem #01, Carpe Diem #02, Carpe Diem #03
Buy it!: here

Comic: The Guardians
Creator(s): Graveyard Greg (writer) and Cara Judd (artist)
Publisher: FurNation Multimedia
Titles: The Guardians #01
Buy it!: here

Comic: Super Real (main site at
Creator(s): Jason Martin
Publisher: Super Real Graphics
Titles: Super Real preview books
Buy it!: from comiXpress (the printer); other versions/excerpts here

Comic: Melonpool
Creator(s): Steve Troop
Publisher: Para-Troop Publishing
Titles: The Ultimate Melonpool, Melonpool II: The Voyage Home (Foreword by Kirk Thatcher — the punk rocker in “Star Trek IV”), Melonpool III: A New Hope, Melonpool IV: Castaway (Foreword by Russell Johnson — the Professor from “Gilligan’s Island”), Melonpool V: This Island Earth
Buy it!: here

Comic: Newshounds
Creator(s): Thomas K Dye
Publisher: Plan 9
Titles: Newshounds, Tonight’s Top Story, Press Badge Blues, We All Came Out To Mantra, Regime Change, Surgery In The Park
Buy it!: here

Comic: Bruno the Bandit
Creator(s): Ian McDonald (artist and writer), Lynn Blackson (colorist from June 2005)
Publisher: Plan 9
Titles: Bruno The Bandit, Most Wanted, Bruno: Mad As Hell
Buy it!: here

Comic: The Wandering Ones
Creator(s): Clint Hollingsworth
Publisher: Keenspot
Titles: The Wandering Ones: Ghost Wind
Buy it!: through Keenswag or from Amazon

Comic: Fragile Gravity
Creator(s): Chris Impink (artist) and Barb Fischer (writer)
Publisher: Unseen Productions, LLC
Titles: Summertime Brews (2004), The Winter of Our Discontent (July 2005)
Buy it!: here

Comic: Fallen Angels Used Books
Creator(s): John Fortman
Publisher: self-published
Titles: Fallen Angels Used Books – Punk Angel (issue 1)
Buy it!: here

Comic: Innies and Outties
Creator(s): Leonard M. Cachola
Publisher: PageFree Publishing, Inc. (title 1), Booksurge (title 2)
Titles: Title 1: It’s All Mine and You Can’t Have It!, Title 2: Phooey! Evil Gets All the Fun!
Buy it!: here

Comic: Krakow 2.0
Creator(s): Krazy Krow
Publisher: Iron Muse Media (self-published)
Titles: Krakow 2.0 Volume 1, Krakow 2.0 Volume 2
Buy it!: here

Comic: Desert Peach and Stinz
Creator(s): Donna Barr
Publisher: A Fine Line Press (self-published) except for Desert Peach: Pithed which will be published by,’s POD publisher
Titles: too many to count
Buy it!: here

Comic: Sheldon
Creator(s): Dave Kellett
Publisher: ??
Titles: Pure Ducky Goodness and A Well-Balanced Meal
Buy it!: here

Creator(s): Coffman & McDeavitt
Publisher: Efh-U Comics
Buy it!: here

Comic: FAANS
Creator(s): T Campbell and Jason Waltrip
Publisher: Six Finger Press (out of business)
Buy it!: here

Comic: Penny and Aggie
Creator(s): T Campbell and Gisele Lagace
Publisher: Alias
Titles: Penny and Aggie (issues #1, #2, #3, etc.)
Buy it!: coming soon!

Comic: ConScrew
Creator(s): Kara Dennison (main author/artist); featured co-writers: Ben Cooper, Rob Lantz, Barb Fischer
Publisher: Starved Art Studios
Titles: Vol 1 – Cosplay is War, Vol 2 – Con Drama (August 2005), and
Vol 3 – American Otaku Graffiti (December 2005)
Buy it!: here soon…

Comic: various comics
Creator(s): KC Green
Publisher: comiXpress
Titles: The World Is Yours…But, Why Won’t You Share?
Buy it!: here

Comic: The Gods of Arr-Kelaan
Creator(s): Chuck Rowles, Steve Rowles and Martha Pezzino
Publisher: DrunkDuck Comics
Titles: The Gods of Arr-Kelaan: Going Home (Book One)
Buy it!: here

Comic: Alpha Shade
Creator(s): Joe and Chris Brudlos
Publisher: ??
Titles: Alpha Shade Chapter One
Buy it!: here

Comic: Oddly Normal
Creator(s): Otis Frampton
Publisher: Viper Comics
Titles: Oddly Normal issues 1-4 (mini-series)
Buy it!: here

Comic: Goats
Creator(s): Jonathan Rosenberg
Publisher: Point E Publishing (self-published)
Titles: Tasty Yet Morally Ambiguous – Goats Volume I & II, Evil Chickens Dont Kiss – Goats Volume III, and Behold the Power of Ignorance – Goats Volume IV plus the minicomics Contains One Space Battle and A Tale of Two Comics
Buy it!: here

Comic: The Creatures in My Head
Creator(s): Andrew Bell
Publisher: one book self-published; the next will come from Point E Publishing
Titles: You’ve Gone Too Far and a new collection coming soon called Now You’ve Done It
Buy it!: first collection is here; preview of the new book here

Comic: Dead Days
Creator(s): John Rios
Publisher: ??
Buy it!: here

Comic: Smile
Creator(s): Raina Telgemeier
Publisher: Take-Out Comics
Titles: various
Buy it!: email Raina –

Comic: The Order of the Stick
Creator(s): Rich Burlew
Publisher: Giant in the Playground Games (self-published)
Titles: Dungeon Crawlin’ Fools
Buy it!: here

Comic: Terribly Brave Security Forces
Creator(s): Debra Colvin
Publisher: comiXpress
Titles: Terribly Brave Security Forces
Buy it!: here

Comic: Gravedigger: The Scavengers (originally on the now-defunct
Creator(s): Christopher Mills & Rick Burchett
Publisher: Rorschach Entertainment
Titles: Gravedigger: The Scavengers
Buy it!: here

Comic: Greystone Inn
Creator(s): Brad Guigar
Publisher: Plan 9
Titles: Dilutions of Grandeur (book 1), Come on Now, That Was Funny (book 2), and The Show Must Go On (and on…) (book 3)
Buy it!: here

Comic: Alice
Creator(s): Michael McKay-Fleming
Publisher: Plan 9
Titles: Methinks the Lass Has a Screw Loose (book 1)
Buy it!: here

Comic: Kevin & Kell
Creator(s): Bill Holbrook
Publisher: Plan 9
Titles: books #3 through #9 appear to be available
Buy it!: here

Comic: Bruno
Creator(s): Christopher Baldwin
Publisher: The Moody Cow (self-published)
Titles: there are 8 Bruno books
Buy it!: here

Comic: Sluggy Freelance
Creator(s): Pete Abrams
Publisher: Plan 9
Titles: there are currently 8 Sluggy books
Buy it!: here

Comic: Sinfest
Creator(s): Tatsuya Ishida
Publisher: Café Press
Titles: Sinfest: Book One and Life is My Bitch (book 2)
Buy it!: here

Comic: User Friendly
Creator(s): J.D. “Illiad” Frazer
Publisher: O’Reilly
Titles: there are 5 (well, 5-ish) UF books
Buy it!: here is a good place to start (lists the books with links that take you to Barnes & Noble)

Comic: Ozy and Millie
Creator(s): David Craig Simpson
Publisher: Plan 9
Titles: there are 5 O&M books in print
Buy it!: here is a good place to start

Comic: Scary Go Round
Creator(s): John Allison
Publisher: self-published
Titles: there are 6 SGR books
Buy it!: here

Comic: WIGU
Creator(s): Jeffrey Rowland
Publisher: ??
Titles: WIGU: Volume One (sold out) and WIGU: Volume Two – The Luckiest Boy in the World
Buy it!: TopatoCo Item Boutique

Comic: Errant Story
Creator(s): Michael Poe
Publisher: Keenspot
Titles: Errant Story Vol. 1
Buy it!: here

Comic: Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire
Creator(s): Michael Terracciano
Publisher: Keenspot
Titles: Dominic Deegan Vol. 1: Crystal Clear
Buy it!: here

Comic: Wapsi Square
Creator(s): Paul Taylor
Publisher: Keenspot
Titles: Wapsi Square Vol. 1
Buy it!: here

Comic: Alien Dice
Creator(s): Tiffany Ross
Publisher: Keenspot
Titles: Alien Dice Vol. 1
Buy it!: here

Comic: RPG World
Creator(s): Ian Jones-Quartey
Publisher: Keenspot
Titles: RPG World Vol. 1: Unlikely Hero Out For Adventure
Buy it!: here

Comic: Chopping Block
Creator(s): lee adam herold
Publisher: Keenspot
Titles: Chopping Block Vol. 1: always remember to bring the scythe
Buy it!: here

Comic: Sore Thumbs
Creator(s): Owen Gieni and Chris Crosby
Publisher: Keenspot
Titles: Sore Thumbs Election Special
Buy it!: here

Comic: Men In Hats
Creator(s): Aaron Farber
Publisher: Keenspot
Titles: Men In Hats Vol. 1: A Comic Collection For All Time
Buy it!: here

Comic: You Damn Kid!
Creator(s): Owen Dunne
Publisher: Keenspot
Titles: You Damn Kid! Vol. 1: Fun at AA Meetings!
Buy it!: here

Comic: Same Difference
Creator(s): Derek Kirk Kim
Publisher: ??
Titles: same difference and other stories
Buy it!: here

Comic: The Nice Guy
Creator(s): Michael O’Connell and Tim Watts
Publisher: Fool Court Press
Titles: The Nice Guy: Pilot
Buy it!: here

Comic: College Roomies from Hell!!! (AKA CRFH)
Creator(s): Maritza Campos
Publisher: Plan 9 (for the collection)
Titles: CRFH #1-9 (comic books); plus one collection – The Horror, the Funky Horror from Plan9
Buy it!: here is a good place to start

Comic: various comics
Creator(s): Gene Yang
Publisher: various (including Slave Labor Graphics and Image)
Titles: Gene has 5 different books available
Buy it!: here is a good place to start

Comic: Bob the Angry Flower
Creator(s): Stephen Notley
Publisher: ??
Titles: there are 4 BtAF books
Buy it!: here is a good place to start

Comic: She’s a Nightmare
Creator(s): Jesse Chen
Publisher: ??
Titles: there are currently 3 books
Buy it!: here is a copy of volume 1 for sale; no data immediately available about the other books

Comic: Narbonic
Creator(s): Shaenon K. Garrity
Publisher: ??
Titles: Narbonic Volume 1 and Narbonic Volume 2
Buy it!: here

Comic: PvP
Creator(s): Scott Kurtz
Publisher: Image
Titles: PvP (comic book)
Buy it!: here or at your local comic shop

Comic: American Elf
Creator(s): James Kochalka
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions
Titles: American Elf: James Kochalka’s Collected Sketchbook Diaries
Buy it!: pretty much everywhere, including Topshelf themselves

Comic: Diesel Sweeties
Creator(s): Rich Stevens
Publisher: ??
Titles: Pocket Sweeties Volume One
Buy it!: here

Comic: General Protection Fault (GPF)
Creator(s): Jeffrey T. Darlington
Publisher: Plan 9
Titles: there are currently 4 GPF books
Buy it!: here is a good place to start

Comic: Achewood
Creator(s): Chris Onstad
Publisher: ??
Titles: there are 4 Achewood books plus a cookbook
Buy it!: here

Comic: The Devil’s Panties
Creator(s): Jennie Breeden
Publisher: ??
Titles: there appear to be 3 books so far
Buy it!: here

Comic: MegaTokyo
Creator(s): Fred Gallagher
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Titles: there are 3 volumes of MT in print
Buy it!: here

Collections and sundry:

Nth Degree Magazine regularly publishes a bunch of webcomics

Drunk Duck has two collections: Drunk In Public: The DrunkDuck Collection (Volume I) and Drunk and Disorderly: The DrunkDuck Collection (Volume II)
Buy them here

Flight Volume One and Flight Volume Two collect many webcomickers’ works. More info here.

There is an absolutely HUGE number of webcomics in print available through the Small Press Swapmeet.

That’s enough for now.

Kelly J. Cooper is an Executive Editor for Comixpedia.


  1. Yeah, the rest of the info is mine, for Reckless Life.
    Given the ridiculous amount of stuff in that thread I reccomend we not have Kelly put in the stockade.

  2. Tim is there a separate correct listing in here for your book? If not include in a reply and I’ll fix both tonight..

  3. ModernTales Yearbook 2003: Tallscreen Edition
    by Various
    Publisher: Modern Tales
    ISBN: 1-55878-236-2
    Binding: Trade Paper
    130 pages

    ModernTales Yearbook 2003: Tallscreen Edition features comics originally published on the family of web sites.
    This huge 130-page, full-color comics anthology features robotic beer kegs, clowns on the moon, zombie President Bush, a quest to kill death, snot equilibrium, mayonnaise nightmares, and more. Includes comics by Roger Langridge, Donna Barr, Sam Henderson, Dean Haspiel, Spike, Tom Hart, Eric Millikin, Jenn Manley Lee, Drew Weing, and more of today’s best comics artists.

    You can buy it at

  4. Correction! 

    "Pithed" is published by "A Fine Line Press" at

    It is part of "AFTERDEAD," published by A Fine Line Press, using —’s PRINTER.  Booksurge is NOT a publisher.  It handles the paper and ink.

    But huge thanks for the listing!

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