Inspiring Post About Being Really Good At Something

People can be good at all kinds of things – you just have to look around a bit and pay attention.  I just found this post (particularly the first half) to be cheery and inspiring.

My father was at one point the financial guy for one of the research centers of IBM, and he told me once that for quite a few years, he could be handed a spreadsheet of a project or business plan, and within a blink, he’d say "Fails in 2 years" or "Needs more capital" or any of a bunch of other evaluations that in earlier years he would have needed an evening of study to return. He said it was like looking at a painting or a car and just knowing.

This sort of skillset is absolutely undocumentable, impossible to claim, and when you see it in action it’s breathtaking. I seek out those experiences and they pop up at the most unexpected times.



Xaviar Xerexes

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