Interesting Thoughts About 4th Generation Business Strategy

An interesting riff on the concept of 4th generation warfare as applied to the evolving media landscape and accompanying earthshattering changes to the existing corporate media business model comes from the uber/hep/geek blog of screenwriter John Rogers. What’s it all mean? There’s a lot to the post but here’s one except:

Personal brands are now more important than corporate brands — or at the very least, more efficient. Nobody — and I say this full-knowing the outcry from some suited friends — goes to see a movie because it’s from Paramount. Or Fox. Or Warner Brothers. Or Sony. Not a human on this planet says “Well, I wasn’t going to go, but it’s a Paramount flick.” People go to movies because the media campaign — usually integrating strong personal brands, hey, look at that — has convinced them this particular project from the studio is worth their time.

And Rogers name checks Penny Arcade in the post so it’s clear he thinks this applies to webcomics.

Xaviar Xerexes

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