Intervention Convention

SPX was busy as heck and others though the same.  Most of the folks I talked to said it was a good show.  I certainly thought so – lots of great creators, most with new books and prints to buy.

But this coming weekend is the other DC area webcomics-friendly convention.  Starting Friday – it's the second annual edition of Intervention. A couple of podcasts have done interviews with Onezumi and Harknell, the founders and organizer of Intervention: Comics Coast to Coast talked to them in August and Jerzy Drozd interviewed them for the latest edition of his podcast, Comic Are Great.  I am not sure when I can stop by (life is hectic-crazy-busy for me) but I am going to be there.  Heck you should go if for no other reason than to the chance to win something; Intervention is giving away LOTS of stuff — check out the swag here, here and here.

The guest list is great and includes some superstars of webcomics such as Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells, her co-creator on Skin Horse; Jennie Breeden, The Devil's Panties; Pete Abrams, Sluggy Freelance; Rob Balder, Erfworld; Christopher Baldwin, Spacetrawler; Bill Holbrook, Kevin and Kell; and Michael "Mookie" Terracciano,  Dominic Deegan.  Also a lot of cool, localish to DC folks such as Ross Nover, The System; Jamie Noguchi, Yellow Peril; Chris Impink and Barb Fischer, Sledge Bunny; T. Campbell and Phil Kahn, Guilded Age; Ben McCormick, Reality Amuck; and Chris Flick, Capes -N- Babes.


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