Interview with Mark Tatulli, Creator of Lio

Panels and Pixels has an interview with Mark Tatulli, the creator of Heart of the City and Lio.  Some interesting discussion of Lio — which is a pretty interesting strip for the ol’ newsprint pages: wordless, and somewhat macabre (certainly more so than anything else in newspaper syndication).  Also another tidbit on the reality of making a living as a syndicated cartoonist:

Q: So what led to the creation of Lio?

A: I always worked a full-time job while I was doing Heart of the City because Heart never got to the level where I could support a family on it. It’s good money, but it’s not enough.

So I was working in the TV industry as a creative director at a production company. The business slowed down and I got laid off with a bunch of other people in 2005. I had some savings so I had some time before I had to start finding other work and I thought, "Well, this might be a good chance to start another strip." So I sat down and created Lio



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