Intro to Me and Costuming at the San Diego Comicon

The original meHi all! Sorry it's taken me so long to actually post something here. I've been having issues getting my internet up and running, and of course the con provides a myriad of distractions on top of that.

So let's start with a brief intro to me. I am Gilead Pellaeon, author of the webcomics blog The Webcomicker and creator of the webcomic Birdsworth. I'm a huge webcomic fan, and actively seeking to promote their growth and expansion in any way possible. That is me in the photo there (you can click any photo I post for a larger version), looking snazzy on the first day of the con in my "Penguins is Serious" shirt from the inimitable Wally and Osborne.

But I wasn't going to be looking like this for long…

Half the fun of Comicon is in dressing up like your favorite comic book character and making a complete fool of yourself in front of thousands of strangers. Well, I'm not going to miss an opportunity like that! And since I'm all about promoting webcomics, why not dress up as one of my favorite webcomic characters?

And so I did.

Memnon, Cutter, and StraubThe picture to the left is me and my roommate dressed up as the erudite Memnon Vanderbeam and Cutter Edgewise from Kris Straub's masterwork, Starslip Crisis. I think Straub was actually enjoying it a bit more than it looks like in this picture, but you know, you've gotta look cool for the press.

Straub took us around to some of the other booths to brag, and we actually got to have some nice conversations with Gabe and Tycho and Scott Kurtz, which was a lot of fun. But that paled in comparison with meeting the world's most famous webcomic star turned puppet short film star, Melonpool!

Meet and greet with the stars!We were promised an eventual interview with Melonpool, but thanks to the busy-ness of Comicon we have not yet made good on the promise. Perhaps after the Blank Label Comics panel tomorrow morning…

More fun con reports and neato pictures coming soon (don't worry, they won't all be this self serving), so keep checking back!

Oh, and I just noticed this, but it really looks like we're holding Melonpool hostage in this photo, and my roomate's about to casually blow his head off. Good times.



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