Is it Tuesday Already? Post-Party with Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria News Update

Wednesday White snarks Alien Loves Predator today, but in a good way. Anyhoo it’s a very funny webcomic and today is no exception.

D.J. Coffman’s writing partner on Yirmumah up and quits but Coffman says he will keep the webcomic going by himself.

Remember the Smurfs? UNICEF bombed the @#%% out of their village.

In not news dept: I must have missed this but Bryant Paul Johnson did a special Teaching Baby Paranoia about Modern Tales when he first joined that subscription site way back in 2002. Dig that Joey Manley as J. Jonah Jameson!

And in the random-funny dept: Doctor Doom’s top 10 EUPHEMISMS FOR SEX.


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