It’s Friday And I Am Out Of Here…

A few housecleaning, self-promotional details first:  we added one more article to the March issue this week: Kelly Cooper’s column, The Webcomics Reader, which this month examines aspects of comics criticism, including noted critic R.C. Harvey.  You can check out the entire March issue by clicking here.

I moved over to the new server last night.  A few things got garbled in the move and it looks like it’s not entirely functional today.  My apologies to the toplist members – I will be working on it tonight and I’m pretty confident I’ll have it fixed.

Also don’t forget that there are two conventions this weekend (at least that I’m aware of): Technicon and Fluke – if you’re exhibiting or hanging out at either feel free to post a comment to the note for each convention to let folks know you’ll be there.

And now the news! (click through to read more)

Reinder Dijkhuis is working on releasing a print version of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan in English, and in color.  It will include the recent story Headsmen and the 1990s story AlchemistsMore details at Talkaboutcomics.

Fleen gives a shout-out to Clay who recently announced the end of his webcomic Sexy Losers

I missed this but earlier this month about the time that Fleen was interviewing Dave Kellett about syndication, Wes Molebash wrote about his own brush with United Features Syndicate.  Molebash creates the webcomic You’ll Have That.

And if you’re webcomic creator, don’t forget to put yourself on the Comixpedia map or just check it out if you’re curious about where the webtoonists are.

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