Jeffrey Rowland Apparently Drawing “Wigu” Again

Three and a half months after ending the long-running comic Wigu, Jeffrey Rowland has suddenly returned to Wigu, and is once again making comics about the Tinkle family, starring the young, cartoon-obsessed Wigu Tinkle.

In December, Jeffrey Rowland announced that he would end Wigu at the end of 2004. It was replaced by a series of various, brief and ever-changing comics throughout the last few months, including “Science Cop,” “American Platypus,” “Magical Adventures in Space,” a spin-off of Wigu, and recently a weeklong comic that combined the Mario Brothers and Sin City. Now, Rowland has suddenly returned to the Tinkle family which starred in Wigu.

Although Rowland hasn’t written much about the sudden change at, or his blog, Overcompensating, he did say that “I thought I could leave them behind, honestly. I thought four months would be enough for me to be done with them completely, but the more time passed the more I missed them.”

This good news for anyone who has missed the Tinkle Family and the original Wigu comic!