Jess Fink’s Dirty Limericks Launches is a new portal designed to serve as a solid, attractive, and stable home for erotica and sexual humor in comics form, two kinds of comics that have been ignored by, or actively banned from, other webcomics portals.

Today we're proud to announce the launch of our first ongoing series: Jess Fink's Dirty Limericks.

Jessica Fink has a Bachelor's Degree in cartooning/Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. Her non-erotic work has appeared in the New York Times and the Detroit News. Her erotic work is continuely published by Fantagraphics books for their monthly erotica series. For these books, she writes and draws her own stories as well as doing full color painted cover artwork. Most recently she finished up a 24 page erotic comic with writer Polly Frost ('Head 14') that is now for sale from EROS/Fantagraphics books. The first installment of "Jess Fink's Dirty Limericks" is a complete story featuring the pleasure
robot Chester 5000, whose "gears may pop, and metal may rust … but no one could beat his mechanical thrust!"

"Erotic comics are used to being pushed around," said the artist, "censored and pushed under the bed. I'm super exited because I think could finally be a place to find really quality erotic art! There's a lot of smut on the net, but it's not that easy to find something good."

"Jess's submission was one of the first I received when we opened the floodgates," said the site's editor, Joe Botts, "and I was especially excited to see it. Her work is, by any standard, superior cartooning — that it's also sexy and funny and, okay, flat-out dirty, is almost beside the point. But I said almost!"

"Jess Fink's Dirty Limericks" is available for free at the following URL:

We'll be adding new comics and new creators (and new surprises!) over the course of the coming week. Look out for more announcements!


Joey Manley

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