Justify My Hype: Inkdick

I haven’t really felt like checking out journal comics in awhile – I think I have some I read and there’s only so much time in the day for reading webcomics.  But I got a link somewhere today to Inkdick — a journal comic by Prana T. Naujokaitis.

It’s run daily for about a year and Naujokaitis is a very accomplished cartoonist.  And in terms of the comic, he had an extremely eventful 2008 with some major life choices (as he was in the last year of attending Savanah’s College of Art aka SCAD).  So frankly it’s pretty dramatic for a journal comic including scraping together enough money to buy an iMac only to have it stolen from the car, attending a lecture by bigshot webcartoonists Scott Kurtz and Dave Kellett, and getting robbed right in front of his house, let alone all of the things you deal with wrapping up your last year of college and trying to figure out how to "become" an adult with a job and all of those other responsibilities post-college life provides.  (Frankly I can’t imagine how scary it must be to graduate in this economy…)  He also does a great job of sketching in (through moments and actions as opposed to just telling us about them) his girlfriend Amy, his dad and his younger brother (who is deploying to Iraq).

It is a journal comic and doesn’t break out of the Kochalka-Weing mode much but it is really good – definitely worth checking out.




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