Katrina Webcomicathon and Other News

The Hurricane Katrina Webcomic Telethon is going on now – go donate if you can. Back in the day Brad Guigar organized two webcomic telethons under the Altbrand umbrella – he’s runs a tight ship so I’m sure this one will help raise some cash for folks in need too.

Also Phil Kahn has decided to offer custom essays for $25 each and will donate the purchase price to the Red Cross. Shoot him an e-mail to work it out. (Kahn also said that if $25 is too high for you, we can settle on something less. But it’s for charity so cough it up you cheap bastards! :0 )

The Ignatz award nominees are out and up for “OUTSTANDING ONLINE COMIC” are:
Ballad by deadmouse
Copper by Kazu Kibuishi
Dicebox by Jenn Manley Lee
The Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch
Superslackers by Steven Manale

Winner to be announced at upcoming SPXPo. in Bethesda, MD. (I will be there, if anyone wants to say hi shoot me an email) If Ballad wins I’m going to feel the slightest pride of ownership as it was the brief advert for Ballad on Comixpedia that caught Joey Manley’s eye and led to putting Ballad on Modern Tales.

And in the hard luck news department: T Campbell announces that the print version of Penny & Aggie will stop with issue number 3. Campbell notes that the webcomic version will continue publication.

In other news it looks like Diamond, the near-monopoly distributor of comic books to the direct market store segment, has raised the bar on the minimum sales a book needs for inclusion. Or something like that – check out Tom Spurgeon for a more informed opinion on the news.