Keen Samples Previews New Webcomics Coming to Keenspace

Keenspace is unquestionable the largest free host of comics. With over 10,000 comics already on board and more joining each day the brave of heart should be able to find something that suits their tastes if they dare to wade through daunting pile of comics in Keenspace’s mighty vault.

But what about the poor soul who has already exhausted all Keenspace currently has to offer? No problem. One of the features of the Keenspace Guide allows comic readers to preview the samples submitted by new Keenspace hopefuls who are waiting for their accounts to become validated.

Perhaps by looking through this special sneak-preview feature you will be lucky enough to gaze upon the prototype work of the Fred Gallagher of tomorrow. At the very least you will get a leg up on bashing the new dregs of the webcomic world. Can you guess by looking through this special archive which artists will be the next big thing, which comics will one day make it to Keenspot, which ones will update three times before losing all interest in this whacky webcomic fad, which ones will become bitter, twisted balls of hate or which ones will have their fragile egos crushed under an avalanche of “j00 r t3h 5vxx0rz! LOL!!!!111” emails?

Enjoy this look at the webcomics of tommorow, TODAY!




  1. Jeeze… Couldn’t we keep this as a secret to ourselves? 😉

  2. Drat! Now everyone knows where we at HNTRAC get all our inspiration from! 😉

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