Keenspace Forum Games

An update from our Keenspace rorrespondent, achim:

Keenspace “Forum Games” is a very active section of the Keenspace forum.

It’s speciality are ongoing comic jams where various artists contribute to a topic with their artwork, with a very few rules applied. Such are “Keenspace cluedo”, “Keenspace Sitcom”, “Continue My Story”, various local fights and specially interesting, “Keenspace Colloseum”.

It all started with an inspired comic jam called “Battle Royale”, not available in it’s original, forum form, but you can read most of it on a new site SpaceJams. All other jams will probably be available on this site too.
“Keenspace cluedo” is a standard cluedo game, with Keenspace artists as acters, suspects and victims. “Keenspace Sitcom” is a sitcom parody, again, with artists as main acters. “Continue My Story” is freshly started jam that may lead to interesting things in future.

“Keenspace Colloseum”, under the conduction of ChibiArtStudios, might be the best organized jam so far. Pairings are already done, and we can see the start of the first duel here.


Xaviar Xerexes

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