Keenspot Adding At Least 4 New Webcomics

Soon after the official announcement of the addition of Boy Meets Boy, El Goonish Shive, and Gaming Guardians to the Keenspot line, a new wave of cartoonists have openly announced that thay have been invited to join up with the popular webcomics hub.

Proclaiming it either directly on their site, or through public message boards, Mark Mekkes (Zortic), John Troutman (Basil Flint, P.I.), Brandon “Scrubbo” Sonderegger (Silly Cone V), and Joe England (Zebra Girl) have confirmed the invitations, as well as their acceptance, into the Keenspot fold.

The reasons for this sudden invitation boom have not been fully or “officially” explained, though they do not come as a complete surprise. During the Keenspot panel hosted at the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con in July, Keenspot administrators mentioned the planned addition of at least a dozen new titles to the Keenspot lineup in the ensuing months.


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  1. I dunno what you’re talking about, man! This is yellow journalism at its worst! It’s SLANDER (or libel as this is all written if you wanna be anal) to say I’d ever let myself be associated with KeenSpot, home of that doodyhead Boxjam!

    Show a little journalistic integrity.

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