Keenspot HQ Power Outage!

Chris Crosby Almost Swept Away in Oz-Like Twister!

Okay that’s probably an exaggeration but here’s the real story from Crosby’s website:

On the night of June 7th, a massive storm hit Cresbard, South Dakota. It sent grain elevators flying through the air, it pulled trees out of the ground, and it left the haunted school building I call my home in perfectly fine shape (it’s a sturdy building)… EXCEPT FOR THE LACK OF POWER. That’s why there was no new SUPEROSITY strip for most of June 8th. Thankfully, the power went on just in time (a near-miracle in my book), I uploaded the strip, and I did not have to deprive my loyal Superositites of daily fun with Chris and Boardy nor walk away from the Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge in idiotic, buffer-less disgrace. And I will strive more than ever to get the strip done far in advance from now on. Thank you, and good night.


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