Keenspot Looking for More Keentoons

Over on the Comixpedia forums, Chris Crosby explains Keenspot’s new animation division Keenspot and states that it should launch in August. He also notes that they are still looking for additional series to add to the site:

We’re looking for two things:

* Original weekly creator-owned animated series (generally of 1-7 minutes in length per episode). If you create a series for KeenTOONS, you must be able to deliver every week without fail one high-quality animated episode of your series (preferably featuring ongoing characters and concepts), and you must be willing to sign a long-term contract with KeenTOONS (as opposed to our very short-term Keenspot web publishing contracts). We split all related profits with the creator 50/50.

* Talented FLASH animators who don’t have a series idea themselves and would like to work on one of ours. We’ve got a bunch of shows in development that we don’t have animators for. At first, pay will be almost nothing (at best), but we’ll cut you in for a piece of the potential profits and give you full credit (obviously).

E-Mail me at with your series proposals and/or offer your animating services for an existing series. Include samples of your past work, and say how much time you can commit. Thanks!


Xaviar Xerexes

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