KeenSpot & Space Forums Are Back Online

Well after about a week or so, the Keen Forums are back online. Apparently all of the February posts were lost but everything else has been restored. Read on for more from Gav’s own description.

Hey all,

So it’s more than likely you’ve already been reading my updates on the forum problems. If not, I’ve attached my update log at the end of this message.

But to be brief, here’s what happened and why it shouldn’t happen again. There’s some kind of horrible bug with either our filesystem (ReiserFS) or our operating system (Linux 4.5.19 and/or 4.5.20) or some combonation of the two. The plain truth, as I’ve learned it over the years, is that Linux just sucks. Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t suck anywhere near as much as anything written by Microsoft, but the developers have rushed its advancement too quickly, likely as a result of their competition with Windows (That’s right, I blame Windows for Linux’s faults). As far as I’ve seen, there is simply no stable version of Linux. Every version of Linux in existance has bugs. They don’t bother to find and fix all the bugs before introducing new one. So each new version introduces as many new bugs as it claims to fix from previous versions.


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