Kickstarter Fundraising Model

Jamie Tanner, the creator of Eisner-niminated The Aviary, is using Kickstarter to run a fund-raising drive — enough money gets pledged, money gets collected and Tanner does his next graphic novel. (h/t Journalista!) He has over $2000 pledged with a goal of $5000.

Not new necessarily but interesting that this type of web-facilitated tool is being used for non-webcomic comic projects.  Plus Kickstarter itself looks like a handy way to do this kind of approach.

UPDATE: Don’t know how I missed this but Gordon McAlpin is using Kickstarter to raise funds for a print collection of his webcomic Multiplex.  McAlpin is trying to raise $7500 towards finishing the work necessary to complete the book.


Xaviar Xerexes

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