Konfabulator, Yahoo! and Webcomics

Yahoo! has recently announced that they have acquired Konfabulator and plan to make it available to the public as a free download in the near future. For those unfamiliar with this application, there is a very lovely webcomic at the Konfabulator website (with art by none other than Vera Brosgol) that will bring you up to speed; in short, it enables users to place small but useful programs called “widgets” on their desktops.

One such program is a webcomic-ripping widget.

Xerexes: Just a note that Brosgol’s webcomic is very well done. After reading it and enjoying it try to imagine how boring that history of Konfabulator could be if it was just typed out.


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  1. http://widgets.yahoo.com/ is where it is currently hiding. The main site for downloading additional widgets is getting pounded right now, but the Yahoo site is just fine.

    It’s a pretty good little setup, I’ve used it more than a few times here and there.

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