Late Afternoon News Roundup

Joey Manley’s Webhead column lists the Top 5 Reasons Webcomics are Better than Comic Books. He also links to Ghastly. Cool!

File 49 by Sara Turner is over today. Read it from the start!

Also, Haunted Pixel Studios has started taking preorders for The Asylumantics: The First Four Years. A fan reference, the title features everything there is to know about the strip including detailed bios, maps and more. Preorder before the release in January and save 20% off the cover price!

And our entire December issue is up – you can find a full list of the articles from the 2006: Year in Review Issue here.




  1. That will never happen, because webcomics is an Open Mike type field. Don’t get me wrong — I love that about it. But it’s always remarkable when somebody steps up to the Open Mike and looks professional — no matter how many other people have also done so, there will always be a majority who don’t look professional. And that’s fine, too.


  2. Webcomics will have made their mark properly when it is no longer remarkable for one to “look professional”, I think.

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