Late Afternoon Update from Xaviar – News, Views and The Rambling

Week 2 of Comixpedia’s January issue has a review of Diesel Sweeties, John Barber’s interview with Justine Shaw, Eric Burns’ latest Feeding Snarky column plus a guide to pimping uh, promoting your webcomic.

And now on to the news and views for Monday…

First off, Jeff Rowland’s new webcomic Wigu TV debuts today with “Science Cop” mayhem.

From The Comics Reporter comes this link to a Salon interview with Reuben Bolling (yes you have to sit through the ad to read the article). He has a day job! I had no idea…

Is it just me or is Wapsi Square getting awfully serious lately? As if to compensate, VG Cats balances out the funny with a penis joke.

Websnark wrote up a great series of posts detailing his attendence at the recent Dumbrella Coffee in the AWESOME land of Massachusetts. Well worth reading. He’s also looking for artists for a webcomic he wants to write. That sounds like a good gig.

BoxJam, one of the original columnists at Comixpedia, is back to making BoxJam’s Doodle pretty regularly this year (roughly weekly, it feels like). Today’s installment is classic as far as I’m concerned.

Stuart did something interesting with a weighted by font list of webcomic sites.

Last but not least – I found this graphic google-based world of links tool again – you might waste some precious minutes dropping your favorite sites in there to see how the cyber-world around them is related.


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