Late Night Sunday News Update

Scott McCloud plans to visit all 50 states in the union to promote his forthcoming book Making Comics. The madness begins September this year.

Warren Ellis links to some webcomics without comment. I suppose he's implying "go check them out" but one can never assume to much with the old man.

Webcomics in Print rounds up lots of webcomics in print news so I don't have to! News on Funny Farm, Todd and Penguin, Bunny, Girly and Theater Hopper.

Speaking of print comics, Joey Manley reviews a recent graphic novel from Howard Chaykin titled Challengers of the Unknown.

Also from the Comixpedia blogs:

John Allison has been drawing past American presidents for potential (hypothetical?) t-shirts. They're all awesome – although I'm curious as to what he might do with earlier presidents like Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson.

And I can't remember now if I linked to this post from Bob Byrne from back in January 2006. Titled "Everything I've learned over the past 5 years…." it's a hodgepodge of tips and mantras to keep making comics.

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