Late Night Thursday Update…

Lot of calendars this year from the likes of Blank Label and the Ryans but I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this. Don’t ever go away Chex!

Does anyone else get pretty overwhelmed by webcomics drama overload? We’ve had some monster threads on the forums this month. Or is it just long-ish articles? I saw T Campbell wrote a modest complaint about the roundtable discussion in this month’s magazine. I hope it wasn’t too long — but in any event I think it’s a great read regardless. It’s a discussion amongst critics (alright some of them are also webcomic creators but they are all folks who have spent a lot of time writing about webcomics) which actually is something relatively new in “webcomics journalism” as most roundtable articles have been amongst creators.

There’s a forum for talking about OhNoRobot.

Eric Burns has a relatively positive snark about Carson Fire’s Winger strip. I’ve already said something pretty similar so I won’t repeat myself other then to say if Fire really focuses on funny as opposed to making a point he may have something big there.

Last but not least if you’re doing things over on the BETA site and have a few second please post some feedback (you can post in the new forums over there as well). So far I can tell that it doesn’t seem to have crashed from the usual Monday morning level of traffic. That’s a good start 🙂


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  1. No what I meant is that focusing on funny is key to making a political strip work. If you’re just out to score points for a particular point of view you inevitable stop being funny and start being Johnny Hart.

  2. So, what you’re saying is that his comic shouldn’t have a point besides being funny? Because, I thought, you know, all great art delivered meaning and comment on society. Maybe he already has a message, has something unique that he should continue doing.

    ha, maybe.

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