Latest MT Longplay Issue: Stream of Consciousness Comics

All art begins in the mind, but some artists settle to stay there. They trade concrete for subconscious, daytime for dream-time, common knowledge for a brief glimpse of the unknowable. The new edition of Modern Tales Longplay, focuses on ‘Stream of Consciousness Comics.’ For the next four weeks, Longplay will showcase six challenging and experimental works that chart the frontiers of the human mind.

‘Death Swamp’ by Toby Craig (premiered May 19)

Toby Craig takes us on an epic journey from a young man’s bedside to the edge of the universe. Along the way, he encounters animal sages and terrifying incarnations of his own parents, in this groundbreaking 125-page graphic novel! The Texas artist has built on various experiences in design, printing, bindery work, and web programming to manage a collective website known as ITHINKICAN.COM. “Death Swamp” is his first graphic novel.

‘Ambient History’ by John Barber (premieres May 26)

”Vicious Souvenirs’ creator John Barber is no stranger to the pages of Longplay, having illustrated the ultraviolent morality tale ‘Kicking Hitler to Death’ last month. ‘Ambient History’ is a sideways-scrolling montage of images and fragments of conversation, about Jack the Ripper, immortality, and the romance of stalkers.

‘Amy Plays a Game of Chance’ by Alexander Danner and Bill Duncan (premieres May 26)

A wordless saga set in a universe of preschoolers and cool pastel colors, ‘Amy’ is a spellbinding challenge to reader interpretation. Writer Alexander C. P. Danner is the co-editor of Shades of December, an online journal of literary arts. Comixpedia art director Bill Duncan is the twisted individual behind such comics as The Zombilly Picture Stories, Japanimation Fist, The Birth of Kittenstein and Johnny Mullet Is A Man.

‘You Aren’t Allowed to Think That Way’ by Paul Levy (premieres June 2nd)

Photographer Paul Levy brings a stunningly different style to webcomics in this chromatic explosion of storytelling. A young woman, seeking a meditational escape from the strictures of society, stumbles upon secrets she’s not meant to know…

‘The Origin of Ulysses’ (premieres June 9th)

David Lasky turned the comix and literary world on its head with the publication of his daring biography of James Joyce, rendered in the style of Jack Kirby. Now presented for the first time on the web, with colors by Frank Young, this comics classic will fascinate a new generation of readers.

‘Holiday Phone Call’ by Nick Mullins (premieres June 9th)

Nick Mullins’ skills as a comix surrealist are attracting growing interest among comics cognoscenti. In this short piece, a phone call to an elderly woman triggers a heartbreaking crescendo of recollections and fantasies.


Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.