Launch of Night Warrior Webcomic and Associated Universe

Modern Life Media, in association with Raging Psycho Comics is proud to announce the launch of Night Warrior and its expanded universe of short stories, animations, radio plays and short films.

Created by Phil Hobden with Ross Boyask and Alan Scott, Night Warrior is a dark, martial arts-based vigilante story. Night Warrior is influenced by legendary books like Sin City and Batman and the Hong Kong cinema of Takashi Miike, Ringo Lam and John Woo.

With artwork from respected and upcoming artists such as Matt Skilton , Mute Ant, and Charles Reid, and stories written by Thomas Waltz (‘Children Of The Grave’), Paul Burke, Fred & Mary Pullen and Chris Regan, ‘Night Warrior’ is a truly international project with talent from all corners of the globe.

The first season boasts almost 20 individual 22 page comic books, based on 8 stories and is set to run for a minimum of 5 seasons. The five part pilot story, ‘Deadly Jade’ pits Jeff ‘Night Warrior’ Winters against the criminal underworld of the fictional Metro City, seeing him first encounter the Big Bosses that rule the streets.

Jeff Winters, the reluctant hero of Night Warrior, is an insomniac. He’s been that way ever since he saw his sister burn to death in a fire when he was nine. A martial arts instructor by day, he stalks the streets at night, hunting out criminals and dealing quick street justice to any one who breaks the law in the seething, crime ridden city known as Metro.

When a new designer drug is unleashed on the streets, vigilante Jeff Winters, dubbed ‘Night Warrior’ by the press, has to take on the ruthless Jack Savage with his gang the ‘Tiger Claws’, and the devious Li Chen as well as fending off interest from intrepid local reporter Kirstin Cooke, Metro PD’s finest Jamison & Jenkins, aggressive Hong Kong cop Kano LaRoux and a huge, hulk of a man nicknamed Lion.

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