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WEBSITE:  Well I'm almost done with the rework of the site.  I still have to load the old archives into the new archive template.  (A lot of entering numbers into MySQL unfortunately)  I think I'm about halfway through last year right now.  We use postpn for the site and like a lot of open source projects it's very good but takes awhile to learn.  And I really haven't learned that much yet.  But after a year of using it and hanging around I have a better understanding of the extended postpn ecosystem and was able to make more use of what's available.

I saw this interesting post from Pitiful Bastard (linked by Deppey) noting how much he hates “message board-driven sites.”  I'm not sure I agree with his point – sites like Slashdot are interesting because of the comments (with effective moderation they can be really high-yield for my limited time).  Still I think we've got a decent balance here.  Having a separate forum from the articles is in my mind a good thing.  Postpn doesn't support (as far as I can tell) an automated way to replace article comment sections with links to a forum thread anyhow so we'd be sticking with our set-up for purely practical reasons regardless.

  Another thing that will be different this year at C/pedia is news coverage.  We will now label press releases as press releases – we can run them without editing them, I guess.  Also I have to tell you, Journalista is such a complete read every morning there's not much need for an editor at Comixpedia to sit down and compile a very similar product.  Instead, we will try to post real breaking news that can't wait until the next week's update.  We're also slowly getting more submissions of press releases and announcements from our readers so I think we'll still see a healthy flow of updates daily to the site.

And of course there'll be this blog.  But it won't be daily!



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