A Little Bit of Comix In Your Talk

Another day another Kickstarter – this one a bit more modest than comic efforts of late. Grant Thomas is looking for a mere $500 bucks to fund another print edition of his webcomic My Life In Records:

While we’re here let’s open up the ComixTALK mailbag:

Chance Argabright-Wees writes that Fat Cat Gameworks is going to collaborate with Christopher Hastings, of the webcomic, Dr. McNinjato create a game based on the comic. It is planned to be “a free-to-play, retro-style platformer for iOS, Android, and the web” which I suspect means something! A third Penny Arcade videogame and a Dr. McNinja videogame?  That’s… four webcomic-based videogames!  There’s a kickstarter for this project too!

Other recent radical emails to ComixTALK?

Terry LaBan writes in about a new iPad version of the comic Muktuk Wolfsbreath – a mysterious tale of love, murder and demons set among tribal reindeer herders. The comic appeared as an online graphic novel last year, has been published as both a downloadable pdf and an on-demand trade paperback. The pdf version of Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard Boiled Shaman: The Spirit of Boo can be downloaded here.

Ray Hayden writes in about his webcomic Agatha Crup — “Three issues in and we’ve got over 50,000 unique visits on the site.”  He plans to put out another issue around the end of April along with an animated 3 minute video with characters from the comic.

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