Mars Needs Webcomics!

It is indeed August and I for one cannot believe the rapid passing of this summer.  Posting this month may be even lighter then usual for this year (which is already ComixTalk-lite it seems) and I'll be at the beach the last week of the month so perhaps that will turn into a very special themed  "beverage-mixin'" week.

Gary Tyrrell interviewed Holly Post of Jeff Rowland's TopatoCo which has turned into the biggest merchandise company for webcomic artists.

Jim Zub flagged this funny comic summing up all Hollywood hype panels at ComiconMagnolia Porter's whole comic, titled Bobwhite, is very worth checking out.

Box Brown pointed to this new comic about a fired Wall Streeter moving back in with his parents.  Lyman Dally's Living With Les has a timely topic, well-drafted art and it's funny enough (it could be funnier though).

Maira Kalman's comic about inventors, including the original ODB — Ol' (Dirty) Ben (Franklin).  h/t Journalista!


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