Marvel Comics in 3-D

A company called X3D Technologies has partnered with Marvel Comics to create The Incredible Hulkâ„¢ and X-menâ„¢ in 3D.

Marvel is granting to X3D exclusive 3-dimensional publishing rights to past and upcoming Marvel Comics comic books in CD-ROM formats – Marvel ComX3D. The multi-title agreement underscores Marvel’s commitment to partner with the latest entertainment technologies and for the first time, expands Marvel Comics’ publication portfolio to be viewed in 3-dimensions on virtually any PC screen.

Penned by Marvel’s legendary art and comic development veterans, X3D is able to assemble a complete collection of comics in 3-dimensions. These include the most popular characters from over 50 Marvel Super Hero characters from the last 40 years, including The Incredible Hulk™, Spider-Man™, Wolverine™ and X-men™. The first limited release collection will feature six comic book titles on “mini” CD-ROM as a first edition release in 3-D. Future collections let viewers embark upon 3-D adventures to experience key moments from the comic and encounter a variety of the Marvel Universe’s personalities, environments and sub-plots in 3-dimensions for the first time.

Xaviar Xerexes

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  1. LOL when they said 3D I thought they meant like in the animation sense… not the cheesy 3D Glasses crap….


  2. That’s a good point – with so many possibilities available in this medium, I’m surprised all they’ve done is scan in some comic pages and optimize them for 3D glasses.

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