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Be sure to check out my interview with Caleb Sevcik!

Onezumi got in a car accident this weekend! OMG!  But she’s okay.  Whew!  Her car is not and she’s having a donation sale — go spend some cash if you can!

If you’re going to the San Diego Comicon this year, you need to read Tom Spurgeon’s Survival Guide for Comicon.  Also while you’re there say hi to Mr. Fleen!

+ Just random hype – I’m enjoying this new character in Multiplex — she’s a bigger movie snob then main character Jason.
+ Sordid City Blues has had a good storyline going with three of its characters who are in a band ("Owns Big Mecha") on a tour on the road.  It’s good stuff.  Not sure if the storyline is nearing its end or taking a turn in another direction.

Got a review copy of the latest anthology from the Boston Comic Roundtable group.  Should have a review of it (and a couple other books) very soon.  Would anyone be interested in more articles on local scenes?  I would say maybe – "webcomic-friendly" or "webcomic-aware" scenes but more about groups and collaboration in different cities?

Otis "Petie" Frampton paints an awesome fantasy scene and has a video showing how he did it.

One of the Snarkoleptics notes that the website for Malfunction Junction has gone away.  That’s too bad – Matt Milby’s comics were very funny stuff – hope they resurface soon.


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