Mega-News Dump

Two notable bits of book news this week:

John Allison reports that his fourth print collection of Scary Go Round is headed off to the printers. He'll also be crossing the pond for New York's MoCCA this June.

Howard Tayler reports that he's started working on the NEXT Schlock Mercenary collection. This one will collect episodes published online from August 2003 to March 2004. Fleen has a review of the current SM collection – "Under New Management" which I'm still waiting to get in my shiny maibox! Laughing

Some convention appearances to note:

Blank Label dude Brad Guigar is at his hometown convention, Wizard World Cheesesteak Philapdelphia. I don't have the details here on the WizWorldCon but I hear it's in Philly!

Plus several reviews and blurbs for webcomics:

Joe Zabel writes about Derek Kirk Kim's new comic work online entitled Healing Hands. Joe's blog post on his review has already generated a lively discussion.

The Webcomicker has a review of Banished and in it argues that the web has been key to the success of a number of science fiction comedy titles. I don't know if I agree with the assertion, but regardless, Gilead links to many of the best sci-fi ha-ha webcomics I'm aware of.

T Campbell drops that he's bringing back Search Engine Funnies on September 1st. No word on the new artist(s) though.

Here's a business bit of news:

Gary Tyrrell has an interview with Chris Baldwin who recently signed a "web syndication" deal with United Media for his other comic Little Dee.

Some other interesting webcomic-related stories include:

The Penny Arcade duo taught a class on comics to grade schoolers. They've done this before and it's good to see them at it again. Gabe mused aloud about creating some resources for school teachers to download – he should do that. (He might also talk to Brad Guigar who did a similar project with comics in schools a few years ago.)

The blog Filth Hole (which is sometimes NSFW) got linked to by Warren Ellis for a funny sketch (which is probably NSFW).

The Writer Response Theory blog has a post on the history of fiction on the Internet which of course includes webcomics. A project along these lines would probably be able to use T Campbell's book as a jumping off point for a chapter on webcomics – I'm not sure what has been written about other fiction forms on the Internet. More interestingly would be to take a look at any interplay between different forms (and their associated communties of creators and readers) in their development on the internets.

Webcomics In Print blog is having a competition – send in a picture of yourself wearing a webcomic t-shirt before June 10th. Winners will win fabulous prizes no doubt!

We're also happy to report:

Bob Stevenson appears to have updated his blog/comic site Journey Into History. Bob does both webcomics and webcomic reviews well – he's kind of the ultimate anti-FLEEN.

Zoinks reports that it's latest issue is going to press and will be available later this month.

And in Not-Webcomics news:

Lore links to this video of "superhero war re-enactors" which is both a spoof of civil war re-enactors and a total geek-out on Marvel's Secret Wars comic books.

Combining our last two month issues (Superheroes and Movies) in one long post, Phil Kahn geeks out on X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Geeks out in a good way of course! Cool

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