Melonpool’s back!

Apparently, rumors of Melonpool” ending were greatly exaggerated. After a mere six months off, Steve Troop’s band of crazy little spaceman is back, right where they left off…

The next chapter in one of the oldest webcomics in the history of the medium truly takes us where no Melotian has gone before — SPACE!

Although several storylines have taken place in space since Melonpool’s debut on April 28, 1996, this is the first time that they’ve left Earth behind for good. All of the major characters will be dealing with the events of the “last week” before the hiatus as well, so stories centered around Ralphie and Roberta’s budding relationship, Mayberry’s newfound independence from “Star Trek,” Sam’s newly-aquired opposable thumbs and Jalea being the first pop star in space will put all-new twists on one of the oldest comics on the web.