Midnite Comics celebrates first birthday!

Midnite Comics, the online multi-title comics studio, celebrates its first anniversary this month. Launched in November 2004, the Midnite Comics website now features three on-going series which are updated weekly – one of them an online graphic novel – and five complete short stories.

Co-Founders Oscar Cavazos and Jud Cooper said they were delighted with all that the studio had achieved in its first year. “2005 has been a year of rapid growth for Midnite Comics,” they said. “We have eight live titles either complete or being regularly updated and our creative team now includes writers and artists from the US, the UK, Canada, India, Italy, Mexico and Portugal. “ Sample titles include:

Harold’s Picture – One of the studio’s launch titles, “Harold’s Picture” is an unsettling slice-of-life drama which focuses on Harold, a man forced to realise his marriage is no longer picture perfect.

Shades – A flagship title for the studio, “Shades” tells the story of a group of British super heroes, struggling to come to terms with their role in modern Britain; a Britain still haunted by the loss of Empire.

The Spires – The studio’s latest title, “The Spires” is a tale of murder set in a unique fantasy world where skill with a sword may keep you alive but a taste for political intrigue is essential to succeed.

The Long Vigil – Set on a voyage into deep space, “The Long Vigil” sees one man forced to confront a horrific nightmare as, one by one, his comrades are awoken from suspended animation.

Perfect Storm – An affectionate and stylish recreation of classic Sunday newspaper serials, “Perfect Storm” follows freelance super spy Erin Storm on the trail of an international arms dealer.

Weathermen – Politics and super heroes mesh together in “Weathermen”, as a group of genetically engineered hyper-sapiens become the ultimate weapons in an international arms race.

“We’re very proud that our first year releases have proved so popular,” said Senior Editor, David A J Berner. “The number of registered members we have is still growing every month.” But 2006 is going to be just as exciting, he explains. “Not only do we have a number of other titles already in the works but, for the first time, members are going to be able to buy print versions of Midnite Comics’ titles.” Now that calls for a celebration!