Midnite Comics haunted by Shades

Midnite Comics (www.midnitecomics.com), the on-line multi-title comics studio, today announced the imminent launch of "Spirit Walker," the third chapter of its epic on-line graphic novel Shades. The title tells the tale of a group of heroes struggling to come to terms with a Britain unsure of whether it should embrace or reject its past.

Shades is one of Midnite Comics’ flagship titles, a graphic novel in which fading super heroes ask what it really means to be British in a world no longer dominated by the Empire which once covered 25% of the planet.

Shades is created and written by David A J Berner, Midnite Comics’ Senior Editor, with artwork by Bangalore-based artist, Harsho Mohan Chattoraj.

Co-Founders Oscar Cavazos and Jud Cooper said: "Readers have taken to the very human characters in Shades. They can identify with our everyman, Stan Miller, and in Chapter 3 they�re about to see some of those characters put to the test."

The Prologue and the first two chapters of Shades are available to read now at www.midnitecomics.com. Chapter 3 will be launched on the site in early September.

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