Mike_M and Bud Bundy: Separated at Birth?

And is that a good thing or a bad thing 🙂 – (I’m just looking at Mike_M’s icon/avatar on Talkaboutcomics.com – I assume that’s what he looks like.)

Webcomics Examiner, for which Mike_M writes is on to its third issue. Interesting stuff and nice to see that WE appears to be sticking around.

I just saw this thread over on the WE forums where Mike_M responds to a webcomic creator’s request for a review. I think the tone of the reply is a little harsh but it’s a fair point.

On the other hand I’ve always thought there was a value in publicizing when a webcomic is ready for review. Given the serialized nature and the put it up as its done approach many creators take with webcomics it’s not easy to decide what to review, even when we’re aware of the webcomic’s existence to begin with. Joe Zabel is right that such publicity can be done with a press release. I hope the various means of community expression at Comixpedia provide a platform for webcomic creators to effectively let a large percentage of the “community” know what they’re up to – including the editors and staff at Comixpedia.

I suppose what I’m leading up to here is a plea to keep thinking about ways Comixpedia can serve creators and readers well (even better?) as a place to find news about webcomic projects.


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