Mitch Clem Auctioning Off Custom Art

Mitch Clem has an e-bay auction going – winner gets a custom drawing from Sir Clem. Details:

So, you know me, yeah? I'm Mitch Clem, and I'm the man responsible for a bunch of online comics (including Nothing Nice to Say, San Antonio Rock City, the Coffee Achievers, etc), plus lots of work for bands, zines, and other punk rock affiliates.

What you're bidding on here is a piece of custom art by me. If you win this auction, I will create a fully-inked drawing of anything you want.

The drawing will measure 8.5"x10", and will be done on 9"x12" vellum bristol board using various pens and brushes (all of which contain lightfast, fade proof, archival quality india ink). I'm not gonna crap out on it, either. This will be suitable for framing. If you like my art and posters and such, this will live up to that standard.

Like I say, I will draw ANYTHING you want me to draw, with a few exceptions:

1) I will not draw anything that I consider to be racist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive (yeah, I'm one of those PC punks you used to read about).

2) I will not draw any sexually explicit acts or imagery (NOTE: I do not consider nudity to be sexually explicit per se, but I'm still not gonna draw you a naked picture of, like, my mom or my girlfriend or something).

While you will recieve the original, signed drawing, I will still retain all rights to my own work, and I'm free to reuse it in any medium for any purpose.


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