Modern Humor Authority Debuts

Update: As is often the case, the blog is fast and furious and sometimes…. still not sure. Although we had earlier suggested that Modern Humor Authority was a parody, based in large part on a PVP forums thread and the fact that webtoonist Kristopher Straub was the registered owner of the domain name, the site itself claims to be the online version of an established small-press Canadian review journal.

The website features reviews of Something Positive, Sore Thumbs, and a look at Sluggy Freelance’s seventh anniversary. The August launch issue also includes an interview with R.K. Milholland of S*P, and several other review features.

Original Post: I would welcome the debut of Modern Humor Authority as the third publication to give heavy emphasis to coverage of webcomics except….

It’s a parody. A really funny one in lots of ways too. The Checkerboard Kid strikes again!

Or maybe not. Although this site URL is registered under Straub’s name it may actually be a serious site.



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