Modern Humor Authority’s October issue arrives

Marginalized Canadian bleeding-edge pop culture review site Modern Humor Authority returns in October, with a terrifying interview with Vera Brosgol of Return to Sender, a scarifying opinion piece from Todd Lemon on the meaning of webcomic celebrity, and a beware-ifying review of Anne Rice’s Blood Canticle.




  1. MHA has been kinda hit or miss with me. I’ve laughed at a bit of it but a lot of it leaves me going “huh” or just shaking my head like I did when my childhood friend Fred used to make “jokes.” Fred would make really lame insults to other people thinking, sincerely I might add, that it was funny.

    The “Todd Lemon commentary” this month is that sort of thing. It’s either a non-funny joke or a non-funny non-joke. Look I have no problem with people complaining or joking about Comixpedia’s coverage (alright no problem with anyone except Scrubbo…) but at least Comixpedia publishes something readable. What’s the point of publishing such a lemon…?

    The “interview” with Vera is even worse – why they chose to make up an interview with her as a parody is weird. Vera’s doing well as far as webcomics go, but I’m not even sure she qualifies as a “Public Figure.” Maybe I’m completely off and Vera consented to this or even made up the “answers” to it for MHA, but if she had nothing to do with it MHA should put a disclaimer on their site that it’s a fake interview. This stuff shows up on Google and whatnot and people who aren’t familar with MHA are going to get the wrong idea.

  2. So… was Lemon joking?

    I don’t get it… from taking a little looksee in the archives all he seems to do in his commentaries is bitch and moan and basically do what an elementary school bully would require to feel better about himself…. albeit a bully with a nice vocabulary.

    so… loud-mouth jackass or un-funny humourist? … either way I don’t get it.


  3. Hey, 24, I just followed your link to your homepage– that interactive animation with the man at the bus stop and the flying duck is stupendous!!! Thanks!

  4. I didn’t make it…but uh…. thanks for clickin the link!

  5. I guess saying Vera is 17 when she’s in fact 19 (o at least her bio page says so) must be part of the joke too…

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