Modern Pulp

I know I was aware of Modern Pulp previously but stumbled across it again today because the Modern Pulp guy(s?) is connected to Rorschach Entertainment which just started advertising with Comixpedia this month. How’s that for full disclosure? 🙂

Anyhow one of the Modern Pulp characters, James Sprechen is in a new online comic called Simply Relative by Brian Meredith – story & lettering, Neil R. King – art and Greg Harms – colors. A good yarn but it just ends – It’s a bit of a mystery what the schedule is for new comics at Modern Pulp because there’s no information on that. There is a print comc of James Sprechen coming out. It’s clear from the three online comics of Sprechen that do exist that a really involved backstory exists – it’ll be interesting to see if Brian Meredith is going to be working on creating comics with this character regularly.


Xaviar Xerexes

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