Modern Tales Creator Launches !Pass

Benjamin Birdie, creator of Modern Tales’ Genre City and the breakout small press hit Kevin Analog, launches !Pass – an online collective of several pieces of sequential narrative, both in print and online. Designed to offer almost daily content to readers (leaving Saturdays for golf, fishing, and the occasional Toblerone), it features his Modern Tales favorite Genre City: Plan B, an all new work of fiction that also takes place in Genre City, Lonely Information, and a lighthearted look at America’s Soft Drink Underground: The Kings Of Pop.

Aside from all the mini-comics and merchandise you can pick up, the real meat and potatoes is the content. Here’s how it all shakes out:

Mondays & Fridays

Genre City: Lonely Information is a prose detective novel, scanned in page by page from an alternate dimension where it’s already been published in hardcover and adored by millions. It takes place in the same locale as the Modern Tales comic, and explores the city in much greater detail than the comic ever could.


Ben At Work is a weekly look “behind the scenes” at Camp Interstate !, featuring sketches, script exerpts and various other items of interest, along with some brief commentary.


Genre City: Plan B is the big one. A full color graphic novel detailing the story of five protagonists who have just recently finished what most would consider to be the interesting parts of their lives. Now they have to figure out what to do next. You’ve thrilled to it on Modern Tales, now you can thrill to it here as well.


The Kings Of Pop is most likely the funniest webcomic about soda enthusiasts you’re likely to read. I’m not going to say it’s the only webcomic about soda enthusiasts you’re likely to read but it is quite humorous.


When Sundays Strike! serves as repository for any and all stories and items related to my Interstate ! corner of the playground. Illustrations, short stories, one page introductory strips. They’re all fair game, starting with a 10 Page short story in its entirety.

And, since it’s Premeire Week, you’ll be able to take in this entire week’s worth of content today. Every item is freshly updated for your enjoyment.