Modern Tales Longplay Rocks Out!

The brash harmonics and simple lyrics of rock and roll burrow down into your deepest subconscious… they inspire millions, and some of them are cartoonists. The new edition of Modern Tales Longplay focuses on the music, with a three-week ‘Rock and Roll Interlude.’

Comics featured this edition:

Meet Me in Saint Louie (premieres today)

Cartoonist Tim Fish makes his mark with this fast, funny, and engaging 80-page odyssey of a recent college grad coping with the ins and outs of St. Louis and his own identity crisis. With blues lyrics by Jay Laird, this contemporary saga explores the ambitions of youth, including the rivalry of two all-women rock bands. Fish does the online daily YOUNG BOTTOMS IN LOVE and his self-published series THE CAVALCADE OF BOYS.

Rock Soldiers (premieres June 23)

Ignatz nominated NYC cartoonist Mike Dawson is the publisher of the riotously funny comic book “Gabagool!” and also the melancholic and moody book “Cabaret”. In ‘Rock Soldiers,’ a mission to retrieve a stolen guitar demands the collective efforts of a gang of former high school chums.

My Music Comic (premieres June 30)

Tatiana Gill (‘Whoa, Mexico’) returns to Longplay with a fascinating rock tune autobiography, showing how the bands she listens to become an important part of each stage in her life.

Christian Rock (premieres June 30)

Artist/writer Elijah Brubaker has spent a good portion of his life hitching and living homeless up and down the west coast. He currently works at a literary arts center in Seattle. his work can be seen in upcoming issues of Raven chronicles, Bandoppler,the true porn anthology as well as his various self published efforts. Elijah is currently co-editing MOXIE an anthology of the Finecomix art collective of which he is a member. In ‘Christian Rock’, Brubaker chronicles his misadventures hanging out with a Christian Rock


Joey Manley

Joey Manley (b.1965–d.2013) was the author of the novel The Death of Donna-May Dean (1992), entrepreneur, and founder of Modern Tales and WebcomicsNation.

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