Modern Tales series submissions are closed again

We’ve received some fantastic submissions for the open Modern Tales slot — everybody who submitted (and followed directions) will be hearing from me within the next few days or weeks. Thanks to all of you!

Please forgive us for the amount of time this is taking — but we’re really being thorough, going through all the work, and making sure we really understand and appreciate, for what it is, each submission that has been submitted. We feel we owe you guys that much. There’s about eight submissions so far that have made it through to the “contender” phase (out of about 200 submissions received correctly during the submission period). Each of them is a gem.

We haven’t looked at all of the submissions yet, though (I found a few buried in my inbox just this morning) so there’s a chance that there will be more contenders.

It’s going to be very, very difficult to select just one for the open slot.

We are still accepting submissions of completed short or long stories (8 page minimum) for Modern Tales Longplay, of course.



Joey Manley

Joey Manley (b.1965–d.2013) was the author of the novel The Death of Donna-May Dean (1992), entrepreneur, and founder of Modern Tales and WebcomicsNation.

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  1. If anybody but PUPKIN wins that slot, this thing is officially rigged.

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