Modern Tales Submissions Open

Modern Tales Editor Shaenon Garrity put out a call for submissions:

With IW leaving, Inanna’s Tears at the end of its run, and my first anniversary as MT editor fast approaching, I think it’s time to put out a new call for submissions. If you’d like to publish on Modern Tales, send your submission to moderntales.submissions at I suggest that you first read my old Submission Guidelines post, not to mention Lisa Jonte’s suggestions for creators submitting work to her site, Let me know if you’re interested in running your comic on the Strip Lounge (i.e., the free side), the V.I.P. Room (the subscription side), or Longplay (the section for longform comics, which is also free). The free side of MT is non-exclusive–that is, you can run your comic elsewhere online while appearing on MT. We do not pay you directly, but you can run ads on your section of MT and use the MT Swapmeet to sell merchandise. For the subscription comics, we ask for exclusive Web publishing rights; however, you are free to publish in any other medium, including print. Cartoonists on the subscription side are paid a portion of the income MT earns from subscriptions.

For this round of submissions, I’m only looking for a few new comics, and I’m hoping to get comics that will fill niches I feel are currently neglected on MT. Translation: if I reject your submission, it’s not your fault. It’s probably an awesome comic, and I just don’t have a place for it right now.

Okay? Okay! MT is now accepting submissions through the end of August!


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