Monday Morning Action Update!

Breaking news at Estrada will go for second 168 hour comic this week. In other endurance comic news, the Daily Grind contest has lost another entrant: Brian Fukushima dropped out last week.

The Comic Reporter links to a news story on the Wizard World versus Heroes Con battle earlier this summer. TCR also links to this Newsweek story on the growing success of comics worldwide.

This looks interesting – a comic set in and crafted from the open-ended MMPORG, Second Life called Plywood. Interesting to me because it looks like Second Life is infinitely flexible for crafting artwork for a strip. The strip itself is obviously aimed at actual players of the Second Life game.

Justin is making Killroy and Tina action figures again.

And last but not least, the webcomic Least I Could Do is switching artists. Chad Porter, who has drawn over 600 strips for the past 2 years has left the webcomic and Lar deSouza has taken over the reigns.