Monday Morning Hype

Check out the new webcomic from Wes Molebash, Max vs Max.  Style-wise it appears to be a successor to his last webcomic, You’ll Have That (for a recap of past work, check out this interview from earlier this year with Wes).

Strewth! from Josh Way certainly has a funny first comic (although just barely injected enough needed life into the now completely shark-jumped, shattered the fourth-wall trope of a first comic being about the fact that it is the first comic of the webcomic).  Nice art, decent pacing — impossible to judge after one comic but I for one, will be back to check more out.

Not sure I’m hyping this or not – AMC made a remake of the classic teevee series The Prisoner and also made a comic to accompany it.  I am probably going to read it but messing with such a classic program makes me a bit nervous…



Xaviar Xerexes

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