Monday Morning News Roundup

Can you believe this is the 24th issue of Comixpedia? I really can’t. (My wife can’t either!) More importantly I can’t believe it took us 24 issues to get to the funny in webcomics.

Along with some of the obvious front page changes we made for 2005, I am sad but relieved to announce that we’re suspending the separate staff blog, 24 Hour Pixel People, for the time being. The two primary authors were myself and Erik Melander. Erik is now penning a monthly column for Comixpedia (the first installment of which is now up) and I’m stretched too thin as it is. But we will continue to provide news and views right here on the front page of Comixpedia. So let’s get to those news and views.

Between the Panels, an interview comic at PV Comics, returns with an interview with Dewclaw (which is the creation of Matt Johnson so I guess it’s sort of like an interview with Johnson).

The Comics Reporters catches an NPR story on Derek Kirk Kim and notes that Kim “shimmied to the surface through exposure on-line rather than the more typical arc of someone immediately backing and supporting his stuff through publication.”

It looks like The Norm raised enough money to satisfy itself that webpublishing was a viable means for Michael Jantze to support himself and his family. New installmants are available to subscribing members.

The Ninth Art crew are seriously good critics but they don’t pay much attention to webcomics. If you’re into comic books their awards for 2004 is a good read.

Blantant Xerexes-Approved Hype!

(Feel free to keep submitting press releases and other updates to Comixpedia via the Submit News function or if it’s short and sweet, email me at Xerexes AT Comixpedia DOT COM. I’ll include the best ones in morning updates)

Haunted Pixel Studios announced its newest webcomic, Black Ops Dad. Daniel Timmons has served his country with pride for years. There was hardly a challenge or foe he couldn’t handle. Now he faces his greatest challenge yet–retirement.

Halo by Renato Guerra looks pretty impressive. Science fiction from an artist based in Monterrey, Mexico.


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