Monday News Updates

Penny Arcade invades MIT. The Living Comic has a nice write-up of the event.

Eric Burns comments on Phil Foglio’s Girl Genius. If you’ll recall Foglio moved it to the web just this spring.

Digital Strips talks with Brad Guigar about the recent Webcomics Telethon in this week’s podcast.

Tom Spurgeon visits the now operating Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont.

Spurgeon also points to this post from the Litwack blog about harnessing file-sharing in comic scans. At this point I haven’t seen a comprehensive survey of how many comics people are reading through downloading or sharing via the web but given all of the tools that exist for it, I’d be surprised if it was not as significant a level in relationship to official printed product as music downloads are to official music products.


Xaviar Xerexes

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